Your top requests for clinics:

  • Provide more consistent player ability within clinics
  • Offer more regularly held clinics to choose from

This summer, our USPTA Certified teaching pros, collectively, began placing our regular clinic and/or private lesson participants into various Group Levels.

Starting this fall, participation in each clinic will be offered exclusively to individuals within the corresponding Group Level.

Q: How do I find out my Group Level?
A: If you take clinics or privates regularly at PBTC, it is likely our Teaching Staff has placed you in a Group Level, which you can get from the Front Desk. If you are new or haven’t been on the courts for a while, there are 2 easy ways to find out:

  1. Free Assessments
    Every Saturday from 1pm–3pm (Starting July 26th), we will be offering FREE individual on-court assessments (in 10-minute intervals), to help determine the very best Group Level for you! Be sure to take advantage of this FREE offering by signing up at the front desk (call 954-786-4115).
  2. Prtivate Lessons
    Book a private lesson. The pro from your lesson will discuss with our Teaching Staff and the Front Desk will have your Group Level the next day. Sign up at the front desk (call 954-786-4115).

See you on the courts!

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